Allegiance Ammunition was designed and
developed by the original manufacturer of EXT
SHK ammunition, who developed both the
Fang Face and Air Freedom line of
ammunition.  Although the name has changed,
the same devastating stopping power lives on.  

Maximum stopping power, with expansion
properties far beyond hollow-point or standard
frangible ammunition. Chances of
over-penetration are significantly reduced,
making Allegiance ammunition a safer choice in
urban scenarios or populated hunting areas.  
Allegiance also meets the challenges faced
today by our law enforcement community and
other specialty agencies.
Allegiance Ammunition - 2nd Gen EXT SHK rounds
Allegiance Powerstrike
Allegiance OneStrike
Please note:  All sales made in accordance with all laws and regulations of your state, county and city ordinances.  
Please check all local laws before ordering ammunition.  You must be 18 years or older to purchase rifle
ammunition, and 21 years or older to purchase pistol ammunition.   
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PowerStrike: These rounds were designed to
penetrate light to medium barriers (sheet
metal, drywall, glass, heavy clothing, et
cetera), yet fragment upon impact of organic
tissue.  Excellent for agencies or individuals
that desire a frangible round with the highest
degree of penetration.
OneStrike: These rounds were designed to
fragment upon impact of light to medium barriers,
and are excellent for home defense.  All rounds are
designed to penetrate heavy clothing, then fragment
to create a devastating wound channel.  
Continuing the tradition developed under the EXT SHK line, the Allegiance brand offers two,
distinct lines of ammunition...
Allegiance 380 ACP Frangible, PowerStrike Round, 70 grain,1,080 fps, 181 ft. lbs, Box of 20
Allegiance 40 S&W PowerStrike Round, 140 grain, 1,230 fps, 487 ft lbs, Box of 20
Allegiance 45 ACP PowerStrike Round, 150 grain, 1,041 fps, 360 lbs, Box of 20
Allegiance 9mm Frangible PowerStrike Round, 90 grain, 1,449 fps, 419 ft lbs, Box of 20
Allegiance 9mm OneStrike Round, 70 grain, 1,639 fps, 491 ft lbs, Box of 20
Allegiance 45 ACP OneStrike Round, 125 grain, 1,350 fps, 505 ft lbs, Box of 20