Cold Steel has built a reputation with the US military, law enforcement agencies, and
elite units throughout the world.  There are no other knives available that can match
the value and quality of Cold Steel.

We have a limited number of collectible and vintage Cold Steel knives.  All knives
are brand-new, and were recently discovered in our warehouse.  Some have worn
boxes, from moderate to heavy wear from being moved and stacked in our
warehouse.  We also have a few knives in stock that were used as demos at gun
shows, and show fairly light wear from being removed from their sheath.  
COLD STEEL KNIVES - Vintage and collectibles
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Cold Steel Knives - Fixed Blade
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A warning concerning counterfeit knives:
We are an authorized Cold Steel dealer.  Because Cold Steel knives are so popular, there is a flood of
cheap counterfeits on the market! Some of the imitations are so good, they look exactly like Cold Steel
originals.  Of course, they aren't, and they will break or crack under the slightest use.
A note about Factory Seconds:
Many sellers purchase factory seconds, then sell them without notice of the defect.  Although the defect is
purely cosmetic, we choose not to offer seconds.  All of our knives have passed the rigid inspections of
Cold Steel's quality control department, and are guaranteed to be free from defect.
We are authorized Cold Steel dealers, so you are assured that the knife you buy is a genuine Cold Steel
knife!  So, if you see the same knife for 50% off of retail, and the price seems to good to be true, it probably

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