Accurate, powerful and reliable, our frangible rifle rounds perform in situations
where stopping power is crucial, yet excessive penetration is of the utmost concern.  
Tactical urban operations and hunting environments would be ideal situations for
these quality rounds.  All Allegiance rifle rounds contain the same frangible core as
their legendary pistol rounds, and are guaranteed to provide maximum stopping
power.  At the same time, the chance of creating an exit wound is greatly reduced,
as the proprietary Allegiance bullet core fragments into hundreds of wound
channels upon impact.  
Allegiance - Frangible Rifle Ammunition
Please note:  All sales made in accordance with all federal laws and regulations of your state, county and city
ordinances.  Please check all local laws before ordering ammunition.  You must be 18 years or older to purchase
rifle ammunition, and 21 years or older to purchase pistol ammunition.  
The Allegiance 223 ASP Subsonic round is known for the superb cycling abilities, extremely quiet operation,and a
high degree of damage to organic tissue.  Designed for use in weapons based on the M4 platform, this round will
fill in full or semi-automatic mode.  When the sound of the weapon cycling is of danger to the operator, this round
gets the job done!  
20 rounds per box.
This round is designed for the M4, and semi-auto variants, with 5.56mm NATO chambers.  Barrels should
be 1:7 twist, and a minimum length of 10".   A 1x7 twist and 14.5" barrel length is recommended to stabilize the long, heavy
projectile of the .223 ASP (Advanced Subsonic Product).  
Allegiance .223 Remington, 110 grain, Subsonic Round, 850 fps, 172 ft. lbs, 20 rounds per box